Mittwoch, 14. April 2010


Today was a big day! A quantum leap for mankind!!!!!!! Or at least for us, haha. After weeks of preperation we finally got some distance.

I believe Liquid Mountaineering can become the next big thing. People have been trying for centuries to do and try what we do. I think, now, we're at a point in history where human skill meets technology and anything is possible..... flying without machines, landing without parachutes and waterwalking without boats.

Sebastian was really good. But i am most surprised about the great achievement from Miguel. After he did some first steps in the water he really got the hang of it. The first spot we went to was a bit too much out in the open so the water got messed up. But when we arrived at our second spot i knew we had struck gold. Just perfect conditions. Miguel got the most far of all of us. Good work guys! To be continued.......

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