Mittwoch, 21. April 2010


This morning i was having a nice bica with Miguel. It was a morning like all other morning. We talked about fixing the car again. I was playing with the spoon and the coffee. I took a little brown fluid on my spoon and dropped it into the cup again. The drop seemed to float on the coffee surface a little before merging with the rest of his coffee friends again. It basically bounced a bit up and down. Like it was saying: here i am, i'm a free coffee drop, now let's have some fun while we can. Well, we are like that drop of coffee too! We skim and bounce of the surface, with the right water repellent equipment and the right angle, speed and technique. But it is not just the act of Liquid Mountaineering itself, it is what it let's us be, just free to overcome any obstacle we face. To go beyond anywhere anyone has ever been before without leaving Mother Earth. To celebrate life and the moment that has been given to us, as short as it may be. So i said to Miguel: "we are coffee." And he replied:"You know, today is the day after yesterday." Well, that was very true.

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