Sonntag, 25. April 2010


As found on the web:

"There is a new sport created by some people, in which basically a person runs on the surface of water. It may sound absolutely impossible but it’s true. The sport is called Liquid Mountaineering. There are some historical statements that suggest that this sport was created by the Greek, but now it is recreated and it’s one of the most impossible looking activities that anyone has seen.

The sport is all about running on water. Science tells us that with the right angle and speed anything can bounce off the surface of water for some time before it sinks. The perfect example is of a rock that when thrown with the right amount of speed, spin and angle, it starts bouncing on water and touches the surface many times before sinking. If we could follow the same set of rules that enable the rock to bounce, we can bounce too.

The things necessary for liquid mountaineering are; good quality rubber running shoes, preferably winter season, a cold lake, and a good entry point to the lake. All you have to do is start running towards the bank of the lake and keep running with top speed placing every step at such an angle that instead of thumping on water with the whole foot at once, the foot should skim the surface from the heel to the toes. The process could be perfected only with practice, but it definitely is possible to take 3, 4 or more steps on the surface before sinking."


  1. created by the Greeks? who are you kidding? This sport was created by the Jews. Matthew 14:22-36

  2. Well done,, hilarious, I wish I could see people trying this. I know there are people out there who think this is real.

  3. Hi mates! well I'm from Venezuela, I just saw the videos on youtube and i really going to try it ...i just got some question, for you, it is necessary to do it in a cold lake? and the other thing is...did you calculate the dirección of the stone to do it the same way? or you just go for it...well thanx for all and you guys rock! really keep on doing it! Here in Venezuela you have people interested in the sport!

  4. I was amazed to read your post but Its true that if a stone can go for it then with the proper angle one can also do it.
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